Boots Holiday Makeup Gifts Haul + Swatches (Under £20s)


While all my friends and family in America are gearing up for Thanksgiving, across the pond in England, we are heading straight to Christmas! During my early October visit to Boots, I was happily surprised to see all the holiday gift sets were centre staged in the store. This year, in the makeup/beauty department, a lot of big brands have really stepped up their games. Here are my boots holiday makeup/beauty haul + swatches under £20s.


Pantone Universe 24 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Pantone Universe came up with a lot of makeup gift sets this year. This 24 colour eye palette was the first thing that caught my eye. I love the stackable packaging and the colours are very versatile. 



Close up on the top layer ↑…

IMG_3938Swatches on the top layer ↑…

IMG_3945Close up for the bottom layer ↑…

IMG_3939Swatches for the bottom layer ↑…

I’ve been using this palette for a few weeks now… Stay tuned on my coming up post to find out how I feel about this palette and the 3 looks I have created using this.


Pantone Universe Set of 5 Nail Polish Set


If you can’t decided which one to go for, painting one for each finger is always a good option =) Unfortunately, I shattered the navy blue one by accident after I painted my toe nails, so I’ve substituted with a similar navy as a base for the sparkly shade.

All below are with 2 coats of each nail polish.




Ok… I am not proud of showing my toes, but I shattered the bottle on my new bathroom floor (I know…) after I painted my toes, so here we go … This is after 2 weeks of wearing. Holding up really well, no chipping at all.



Seventeen Day to Night to Weekend Makeup Set


IMG_3978 IMG_3977

IMG_3962Swatches for the Day Palette (from left 3 eye shadow shades, blush, lip color) ↑

IMG_3980 IMG_3976

IMG_3965Swatches for the Night Palette (from left 3 eye shadow shades, blush, lip color) ↑

IMG_3979 IMG_3974

IMG_3964Swatches for the Weekend Palette (from left 3 eye shadow shades, blush, lip color) ↑

Want to find out how to create looks using these 3 palettez and my thoughts on these, please stay tuned on upcoming posts!

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