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Sukishufu Black Foiled Legging Review

When it comes to workout leggings, those black staple pieces are so yesterday. Today, the bright, colourful statement pieces are taking over health/fitness word. It was love for sight, when I was spotted the liquid shinning sukishufu black foiled leggings on nutritionist and cookery writer Madeleine Shaw’s instagram post. After a few internet searches, I soon discovered that this brand was worn amongst A-listers like Beyonce, Emma Watson, Rihanna, just to name a few…

After getting an offer from Sukishufu instagram post, I purchased the iconic statement piece from the brand – The leather back black foil gloss legging.

Since the purchase a few months ago, I’ve been wearing them in different occasions and feel like I have formed my thoughts on this.



The Brand…

When I first saw the name “SukiShufu”, I thought that was a Japanese brand.  I also find the name hard to remember, or is it just me?… According to Sukishufu’s website, the name “SukiShufu”was chosen to express Independence, Fashion and Good taste. Sounds good!

Moving pass the name, “SukiShufu”is an English brand for luxe sports fashion. The label uses the finest Italian fabric that aims to enhance your silhouette without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

The Price…

At a whooping cost of £95 a pair, I was first took back by the price tag. As it is marked as a LUXE sports able, the price sits  at the higher end of the scale. Fortunately I got a discount code I got (40%), from their instagram page, it became much more affordable.

The Fit…

As a reference, I am 5’2 around 115lb. I am in XS for most of my workout leggings. I first ordered XS, but it was way to tight at the waist band. Because of the faux leather panel in the back, it was not stretchy enough to get over my bum. I then exchanged for size S instead.

The leggings was slightly long for me as I expected, so there is a small gathering at the bottom but not enough to pull over the heels.

It is a medium raise at the waist. Unlike the fabletics leggings, for some reason, Suki doesn’t give me the muffin top, which earns huge brownie points from me!

Oh should I mention, it makes your butt look really good!

The Quality…

No complaints. The material is very thick and stretchy. It holds the shape really well after intense workouts and no see through situation during down-dog pose. It feels likes like wearing my own skin…


This is definitely one of my most versatile leggings… Not only I wear it to workout on the regular basis, I’ve also worn for night out with a pair of sexy heels. It is also a great choice for a casual everyday wear pairing with an oversized jumper and high tops… Because it is so versatile, I think it is worth the price tag.

Will I Recommend it…

Hands down yes!…especially if you can find a good discount code. I love my Suki black foiled legging. It has quickly become one of my wardrobe staple piece. I get so many compliments when I wear them. The material is very unique and the leggings are really well made. The versatility definitely justify the price tag, in my opinion.

Fitness Workouts

Home Workout Superset Circuits 1 (30min)

Time: 30min.

Equipment: Free Weights, Mat, Timer (I use the IntervalTimer app on my iPhone)

Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate


12 circuits

each circuit contains [cardio (40sec) + strength (40sec) = superset (80sec)]

20 sec recovery between each circuit


Start with 3 min. warmup

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 15.40.24

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 15.40.35

Finish with a 5min. stretch



Fabletics Workout Clothes Review (Not Sponsored)

After being a VIP member of fabletics workout clothes for over a year, I thought that I should have enough experience to do a thorough review on this brand. So here we go…

What is it…

  • It’s a membership based online activewear store.
  • The brand is co-created by Kate Hudson.
  • The site releases a new collection at the beginning of every month. Once the stock is gone, it’s gone!

How does it work…

  • Two ways. You can either sign up as a normal member for FREE by providing your email address and password, or you can sign up as a VIP member.
  • While you don’t get any discount as a normal member, it is £44 a month which counts towards your purchases. If you don’t want to make any purchase that month, as long as you login between the 1st-5th of the month to “skip this month”, you will not be charged.
  • Once you signed up to VIP member, you will get the first outfit for £22!
  • The VIP members also get discounted all items and free delivery over £44, and free return/exchange.


  • I am 5’2, XS in most of active wear brands like Nike, Adidas etc… and it is the same here.
  • The full length leggings are slightly long for me. I can pull the extra length over my heels.
  • The SALAR leggings and Capris are mid-rise on the waist line. The waist band is on the tight side, so if you have concerns on your mid-section, it can create a bit of muffin top situation… I don’t have that problem with the fold-overs.
  • The material is on the thick side and very stretchy. Great for a wide range of workout activities from yoga to HIIT. I even wore the fold-over pair well into my 3rd trimester of my pregnancy.
  • Did I mention, those leggings/capris make your butt look really good!

IMG_4697 IMG_4691


  • I found the quality is a mixed bag.
  • It’s poor for the tank tops… after a couple of washes, the colors were fading and they lost the original shape. (I did put them in the dryer, as I do for all my other active wear). The material is also very soft and thin which doesn’t wash well.
  • For the leggings and capris, while I am really happy with some of them (especially the solid prints), some of them faded in color after a few washes, and bubbled up in certain areas (they are air dried). They all held their original shape and compression well.


Style Range

  • It has a wide range of style.
  • It covers from gym to street wear. It also offers accessories like gym bags, hats and scarves.
  • The design is fun. I like the little twists they put in such as the cut-out back, and the creative way of mixing different materials.


Would I Recommend it?

Yes… especially if you are obsessed with workout clothes, like me! I get so excited at the beginning of each month when they reveal a new collection. If I don’t see anything that tickles my fancy, I just “skip the month” to avoid the £44 charge. It is a low risk to give the site a try, even if you change your mind after a couple of months, getting an outfit for £22 is a pretty darn good deal!


My Postpartum Fitness Journey – 3months

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I had a mental image of me sitting on the exercise ball doing shoulder presses the day before I gave birth to my 2nd daughter… yes I exercised all the through my pregnancy, and ended up gaining about 35lb.

I didn’t limit myself to any exercises through the 1st trimester. For the 2nd and 3rd trimester, I was mainly doing elliptical machine for cardio and free weights for muscle toning, twice a week. By the end of my pregnancy, I already had my postpartum workout planned out, and yes I was SOOO ready to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape!

It has been 3 months since the birth, and here my postpartum fitness journey so far…

Note: I’ve been able to breast feed exclusively for my 2nd daughter. One of the obvious benefits was that, it helps to lose pregnancy weight, if you are able to.

Week 1-6 


Pelvic floor (Kegel) exercise. I started doing this straight after the birth. While it’s easy to forget, someone suggested me to do it whenever I feed my daughter – what a great idea! Doing the pelvic floor exercise is extra important after birth as it accelerates the healing and improves the circulation (down there), and prevents the embarrassing leaking! Do I need to say more…


Breakfast – Peanut butter, ginger jam, walnut and blueberries on toast + coffee (I’ve been having this for the past 15 years!)

Lunch & Dinner – No special diet. My appetite was not as big as when I was pregnant despite the breast feeding. I decided to cut out “comfort food” that I’ve been eating during pregnancy one week at a time. In week 2, I cut out the habit of having desert after dinner. In week 3, I cut out the crisps. In week 4, I cut out the cookies. With all the buzz about clean eating and super food, I came across and purchased a recipe book called “Get the Glow” by Madeleine Shaw... all setting myself up for the next stage of weight loss.

By the end of the 6th week, my weight was down from 150lb to 135lb.


Week 6-12: 


I started doing yoga 5days a week for the 1st 2 weeks to ease myself back to exercising. I also incorporated hula hooping 10min./day to re-activate my mid-area. As soon as I had my 8 week postnatal check up, I was off to the gym! For the past 4 weeks, I’ve been enjoying doing various classes including body pump, body combat, circuits, and 24 (which is an intense 24 min. class with 24 different exercises). Once or twice a week, I also do HIIT training with TRX, just to keep me challenged.


Breakfast – I’ve introduced the fibre cereal with blueberries and almond milk on the alternative mornings to lower my sugar intake.IMG_3645

Lunch – Green smoothie that consists of spinach, banana, apple, frozen blueberries, and almond milk.  I also add 30g of whey protein to my smoothie to help with the muscle recovery post workout.  Open toast with coronation eggs and avocado.

Dinner – I’ve been trying the recipes from “Get the Glow” book for the family of 4 adults. It has not failed me so far. Even my hubby loved the vegetarian dishes from the book, although my parents asked if I had forgot the chicken! (Follow me on Instagram to see the dishes I made)

Progress from 6-12 weeks… 

Weight:  135lb -> 126lb (-9lb)

Waist: 30″ -> 29.8″ (-0.2″)

Hips: 38″ -> 37.8″ (-0.2″)

Thigh: 22″ -> 21.8″ (-0.2″)

Arm: 10.8″ -> 10.6″ (-0.2″)

I still have a long way to go to reach my target weight (110lb), but I’ve been happy with my progress so far. More importantly, I’ve been enjoying the journey of getting back into exercise, eating clean, and discovering all the healthy yummy recipes.