Fabletics Workout Clothes Review (Not Sponsored)

After being a VIP member of fabletics workout clothes for over a year, I thought that I should have enough experience to do a thorough review on this brand. So here we go…

What is it…

  • It’s a membership based online activewear store.
  • The brand is co-created by Kate Hudson.
  • The site releases a new collection at the beginning of every month. Once the stock is gone, it’s gone!

How does it work…

  • Two ways. You can either sign up as a normal member for FREE by providing your email address and password, or you can sign up as a VIP member.
  • While you don’t get any discount as a normal member, it is £44 a month which counts towards your purchases. If you don’t want to make any purchase that month, as long as you login between the 1st-5th of the month to “skip this month”, you will not be charged.
  • Once you signed up to VIP member, you will get the first outfit for £22!
  • The VIP members also get discounted all items and free delivery over £44, and free return/exchange.


  • I am 5’2, XS in most of active wear brands like Nike, Adidas etc… and it is the same here.
  • The full length leggings are slightly long for me. I can pull the extra length over my heels.
  • The SALAR leggings and Capris are mid-rise on the waist line. The waist band is on the tight side, so if you have concerns on your mid-section, it can create a bit of muffin top situation… I don’t have that problem with the fold-overs.
  • The material is on the thick side and very stretchy. Great for a wide range of workout activities from yoga to HIIT. I even wore the fold-over pair well into my 3rd trimester of my pregnancy.
  • Did I mention, those leggings/capris make your butt look really good!

IMG_4697 IMG_4691


  • I found the quality is a mixed bag.
  • It’s poor for the tank tops… after a couple of washes, the colors were fading and they lost the original shape. (I did put them in the dryer, as I do for all my other active wear). The material is also very soft and thin which doesn’t wash well.
  • For the leggings and capris, while I am really happy with some of them (especially the solid prints), some of them faded in color after a few washes, and bubbled up in certain areas (they are air dried). They all held their original shape and compression well.


Style Range

  • It has a wide range of style.
  • It covers from gym to street wear. It also offers accessories like gym bags, hats and scarves.
  • The design is fun. I like the little twists they put in such as the cut-out back, and the creative way of mixing different materials.


Would I Recommend it?

Yes… especially if you are obsessed with workout clothes, like me! I get so excited at the beginning of each month when they reveal a new collection. If I don’t see anything that tickles my fancy, I just “skip the month” to avoid the £44 charge. It is a low risk to give the site a try, even if you change your mind after a couple of months, getting an outfit for £22 is a pretty darn good deal!

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